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Trade Construction Glass

Glass is a huge part of our lives, and makes up a great deal of lots of the parts of our homes. With this being true, it is always important that the glass we use is a high quality, as this means that you can enjoy it to its full potential


House Hold Glass & Furniture

The bespoke steel drum furniture for the garden or the lads room. Or the different tables that can be constructed from car engines parts and panels to make bespoke desks , beds and other house hold furniture see below.


Staircase Glass

Having glass as a part of your staircase design can look stunning, but it is important that you hire professionals to make sure that it looks as good as it possibly can at all times.


Glass Replacements

Glass can look great in your home, but when something goes wrong with it, it can stand out. If your glass has become chipped, or discoloured over time, you will want to get it replace


Double Glass Units

There are many reasons to opt for double glass units for your home, and the main ones are because they can help to keep your home warmer, and can also block out any noise from the outside


Kitchen & Bathroom Glass

Your kitchen and bathroom are areas of your home that are used on a daily basis, and with this in mind you will want to make sure that it is fitted with all of the highest quality materials that you can get


Leisure & Motor Vehicle Glass

Glass is a great material and can look stunning when placed in your vehicle, however it is vitally important that it fits perfectly. With our experts in bent glass, we are able to make sure that this is a reality for you


New Build Glass

New build properties are always exciting to be involved with, and for this reason you should make sure that everything is perfect. No matter whether you’re a developer or the person moving into the property,

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    Our Company

    The company has been developed because of the problems I have found in construction in restorations and property development with period properties and vehicle. Of which I use recycle object with Glass in Kitchen and Bathroom on the properties.

    Our Mission is to be bespoke specialists in glass. No job is too small or too large. We will endeavour to bring a solution to your problem with Glass. We specialise in the unusual and different.


    My aim is to help retailers and trader find solutions more effective and to explore new possibilities in Glass, 3D digitally printed & painted in the house or work place. Even for leisure and entertainment.


    What Our Customers Says

    "Here at Visual Glass Decor we centre our service around our customer’s ever changing needs, making good of our promise to deliver only phenomenal results for all our clients."
    Visual Glass Decor, Suzanne
    • Visual Glass Decor, Suzanne